Life man, it just gets ya sometimes. Lack of WiFi and just plain living in the moment kept me from my daily updates from Europe. BUT, have no fear, the recaps are here. 

Day 3: Slovenia 

Started off as a blur, still half drunk, pulled an all-nighter and headed straight to the airport to catch my flight from London to Ljubljana. Man, S T R E S S F U L! I do NOT recommend traveling hungover or still drunk when trying to catch a million flights in Europe. The connecting terminals are what feel like three miles apart, that of which you end up sprinting to in order to get to the gate that then takes you on a shuttle to then board your plane. It sucks. I stopped at a store mid sprint, grabbed two bags of chips and a massive bottle of water. All of the above were inhaled in 2.5 minutes once I settled into my seat. I felt a mess, and I sure as hell looked one too. Haha. It was rough. But damn, the stories and that first Europe experience... priceless. 

I knew nothing of Slovenia, and I’m glad I didn’t. An instant wave of tropical weather swept me away once I stepped foot outside of this small airport. No idea. I chuckled to myself a bit, because in that moment, I realized I packed My Patagonia jacket. It was hot, humid... sweat beads were already dripping down my face. The rental car process was smooth as pie. Thank god they drive on the US side of the road here, I didn’t bother to research that. First initial thought after getting onto the open road from the airport? “Holy shit, this country is beautiful.” Truly blew me away, and instantly cured my hangover. I drove aimlessly from one dirt road and highway to the next, no maps, no destination.... I just drove. And I had a smile on my face the whole time.  


Simply stunning landscape. So beautiful. I drove and drove until it was time to pick up Julie from the airport. I’m glad I decided to do that instead of sleep. I got my favorite shot of the trip that day. I was driving out of one small town and approaching another. The road curved and opened up, the sun was setting and the light was just perfection. I passed a turnout and wasn’t going to stop, but I just couldn’t stop being in awe of this scene I was driving through. So I made a uturn. Parked at the edge of some random dirt path, jumped out of my car and started snapping photos. Easily, my fave photos have been spontaneous in the moment captures. I need to be more aware of my instincts when exploring and do this more often.